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New dragon ho
Data:2016-09-07    Hits:1413
On May 24 ~ 26, battery industry elite gathered in shenzhen, the 12th China international battery technology exchange meeting/exhibition (CIBF2016) held in the deep, as a professional neosaurus hao in the service of leak detecting...
Is not hard to prevent battery leakage Do you know about helium detector technology?
Data:2016-07-29    Hits:1662
Evaporation will appear for lithium battery electrolyte leakage, moisture infiltration, bloating, and many other issues, leading to lithium battery performance and even the fire explosion. Maybe in the impression of a lot of peopl...
Newknow-how appeared in the 2016 Assembly Engineering lithium tour
Data:2016-04-02    Hits:1698
March 25, 2016 by the senior engineers to join the Air lithium-lithium, "2016 Supply Chain Engineering lithium good product tour Conference" Changzhou Jintan People's Government jointly organized was held in Changzhou, Jintan Run ...
lithium Tour in 2016 Engineering Research - China Power Battery feet measured territory
Data:2016-03-22    Hits:1365
March 1, 2016, the subject of much industry attention by the Engineering lithium initiated as "anticipate trends, leading the power" of the "2016 Supply Chain Engineering lithium good products nationwide tour" campaign will be off...
Power battery production safety inspection consciousness remains to be promoted
Data:2016-02-11    Hits:1192
Abstract: The domestic power lithium battery manufacturers emphasis on the detection equipment is not high enough, and testing standards are not uniform current is not conducive to large-scale expansion of domestic battery, batter...
Newknow-how:: three core technology to build high-end industrial equipment
Data:2016-01-17    Hits:1426
【 article/high lithium electricity Wei Wenzhu 】 sponsored by the high lithium electricity "2015 annual meeting of high lithium electricity and electric vehicles" will be on January 7, 2016-9 fifth floor plum hall was held in she...




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