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2017-08-16 15:08

Know - How 6 s on-site management activity mobilization meeting was held successfully

      On August 14, 2017, guangzhou Know - How the company 6 s on-site management activity mobilization meeting, held at the time of all attending staff together, sounded the horn of 6 s on-site management activities, lead all staff awareness, act immediately, go all out to do a good job of 6 s.

      The meeting invited two zero brand agency consultant for everybody do senior guidance, find problems at the scene together, and on-site guidance, and help us set up a long-term mechanism.

      At the meeting, s pointed out that 6 s is the basis of field management, through 6 s "sorting, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, quality and safety", keep specification field management, to create a clean, orderly and neat working environment, is to realize the company's management, the basis of scientific, standardized and stylized and also an important factor in promote rapid sustainable development of the enterprise; He said at the same time, through the continuous improvement of the 6 s activity and deepening, cultivate a good thought quality, high business skills and style of organization and strict discipline, excellent staff team, and on the basis of the unified understanding, deep grasp, often prompted the staff attendance learning, constantly regulate their own daily work, summarizes the successful experience of the activities and improve the company's existing management level.

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