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A modern enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales
With the development of science and technology, to the quality of survival

Service idea
● The high quality products in order to impress customers, good service to customers moving
● Establish a high standard, high efficiency, standardized service system

● Service first, to achieve user satisfaction 100%

Service content
● Detailed user information and recommendations
● Resolve user issues
● 100% return visit

Service team
● The professional engineer is responsible for solving the technical problems raised by the customers.
● Technical representatives, professional maintenance personnel on a regular or irregular visits to customers
● Establish customer equipment and service files

Service commitment
● We guarantee to keep the products one year maintenance and life-long service
● According to the needs of the customer site installation guide to ensure the proper installation of equipment
● Operator training to ensure that the user has qualified personnel
● Maintenance service staff received a notification within 4 hours to respond to the user
● Establish equipment use files, conduct regular visits to customers.




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