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Support! Jiangmen Longhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. officially started construction!
Data:2020-04-07    Hits:288
Jiangmen Longhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., the Jiangmen R D, production and manufacturing base of Guangzhou new Longhao, kicked off the construction on April 2, 2020! Spring is warm and flowers are blooming With the gradual...
Album of annual meeting ▏ new journey
Data:2020-01-17    Hits:625
On January 10, 2020, the annual meeting of Guangzhou new Longhao Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was held in Dongjun hotel!
[special topic] helium leak detection equipment for two devices and pipeline of automobile air conditioner
Data:2020-01-17    Hits:624
With the continuous development of science and technology and the times, the automobile has gradually moved towards intelligence, informatization and electronization. More and more high technology is applied to the automobile indu...
Data:2019-11-22    Hits:923
The 16th vacuum and helium leak detection technology seminar ended successfully
Data:2019-11-04    Hits:1082
In October, the sky is high and the clouds are light. After careful preparation, the 16th vacuum and helium leak detection technology seminar jointly sponsored by [xinlonghao Laibao] was successfully held in Yichang, Hubei Provinc...
New Longhao's appearance at the Thai Refrigeration Exhibition
Data:2019-09-25    Hits:999
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