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Xinyu, Switzerland and other six lithium-ion equipment companies get the annual innovation product / technology award
Data:2018-01-22    Hits:1600
To measure the value of reputation, take the initiative to take the initiative to win the market with quality. Over the years, the Golden Globe Awards as industrial innovation and brand influence the benchmark, with the Lithium se...
The detection precision of the helium inspection equipment of the new dragon Hao is raised by 3 orders of magnitude
Data:2018-01-15    Hits:1561
In the 2017 lithium ion electric cars Golden Globe Awards 2017 activities. Guangzhou Xinlonghao Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinlonghao) enrolled in the "Best Sellers of the Year," "Innovative Product...
Know - How 6 s on-site management activity mobilization meeting was held successfully
Data:2017-08-16    Hits:2556
On August 14, 2017, guangzhou Know - How the company 6 s on-site management activity mobilization meeting, held at the time of all attending staff together, sounded the horn of 6 s on-site management activities, lead all staff awa...
2017 Newknow - how & Leybold The 14th vacuum and helium leak detection technology seminar with you meet lushan
Data:2017-08-01    Hits:2560
2017 Newknow - how & Leybold the 14th vacuum and helium leak detection technology seminar




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