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2017-04-19 09:24

2017 China refrigeration exhibition——Newknow - how professional and unique

        2017 China refrigeration show in Shanghai new international expo center, as a professional neosaurus hao helium leak detection equipment and professional flame brazing equipment suppliers, puts glorious greatly in the refrigeration exhibition, perfectly in the exhibition shows the uniqueness of neosaurus hao, professional technology.

        Newknow - how to focus the helium detection technology in recent 20 years, for the majority of new and old friends to provide professional technology and solid helium service backing;
        We want to say: to friends - we are sincere;
        Helium leak detection technology, the brazing technology - we are a professional.


        The refrigeration exhibition Newknow - how to get to know a lot of "new friends", also strengthening and communication between the "old friend", the 28th session of China refrigeration exhibition has a successful ending, but never stop exploring neosaurus hao's footsteps, let us meet the 29th China refrigeration show next year, looking forward to meet you again! Prev.: Mahler's 2021 Annual Supply Chain Collaboration Award
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