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China Refrigeration Exhibition 2019 | know-how
Data:2019-04-10    Hits:1285
With high popularity, the professional team of Xinlonghao, together with the most sophisticated technology and products, is waiting for you at the W3G53 booth.
[Safety First] Industrial Injury Emergency Exercise
Data:2019-03-22    Hits:930
In order to fully implement the emergency management policy of "safety first, prevention first", further enhance the safety awareness of employees, improve the ability of on-site disposal and self-rescue of employees in the event...
3.8 Goddess Day Tourist Activities
Data:2019-03-11    Hits:870
"The grass warbler flies in February, the poplar and willow of Foti are drunk in spring smoke".
Xinyu, Switzerland and other six lithium-ion equipment companies get the annual innovation product / technology award
Data:2018-01-22    Hits:1296
To measure the value of reputation, take the initiative to take the initiative to win the market with quality. Over the years, the Golden Globe Awards as industrial innovation and brand influence the benchmark, with the Lithium se...




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