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2020-01-17 15:36

[special topic] helium leak detection equipment for two devices and pipeline of automobile air conditioner

      With the continuous development of science and technology and the times, the automobile has gradually moved towards intelligence, informatization and electronization. More and more high technology is applied to the automobile industry.

      With the popularity of household cars, more and more powerful manufacturers intend to guarantee the safety and environmental protection performance of automobile air conditioning through the excellent performance detection system. Therefore, it is required that the leak detection equipment must have high leak detection accuracy, fast production beat, be integrated in the full-automatic production line, make qualified and unqualified identification, fault diagnosis procedures, etc., but the traditional leak detection methods, such as pressurized water detection, differential pressure detection, halogen leak detection, have certain defects in leak detection speed, accuracy and environmental protection performance, while helium leak detection technology is a vacuum technology Technology, computer technology and mass spectrometry technology as one application technology, to provide a professional leak detection scheme for two air conditioners and pipelines of automobile.

technical parameter

Helium filling method: helium filling in the box

Workpiece to be inspected: automobile air conditioner condenser, evaporator and pipeline

Number of vacuum tanks: 2

Vacuum box size: 1100 (L) × 550 (W) × 250 (H) mm, duck beak type automatic door opening and closing

Quantity of workpieces to be inspected in each box: according to the size of workpieces

Production time: according to customer requirements

Whether helium is recovered: Yes, the equipment is equipped with a recovery system

System characteristics

Double box linkage operation, each vacuum box can inspect multiple workpieces

Vacuum box flip structure, automatic switch box door

The specially designed fixture is matched with the workpiece to meet the detection needs of different workpiece

Integrated design, i.e. the whole equipment is installed on a base, and the equipment displacement is simple and convenient

Equipped with blockage detection function to judge whether the workpiece is blocked

Equipped with computer and printer to automatically store and print test data

Helium leak detection scheme for evaporator, condenser and pipeline of automobile air conditioner

About us

      As a professional helium inspection manufacturer, xinlonghao is mainly used in automobile, refrigeration, electric power, aviation, lithium battery and other industries. It is committed to the automotive parts and refrigeration market, and provides the best leakage detection technology scheme and the best quality products and services for new and old customers.

      Since its establishment, the company has launched nearly 2000 sets of special equipment of various types to the market, and exported them to 30 countries and regions in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, showing a broad market prospect and good development momentum. Our products have established a high-quality brand image in the customer base with advanced technology, reliable quality and comprehensive service.

      The company has established a perfect after-sales service system, with sales and after-sales service outlets in Shanghai and other cities, equipped with professional maintenance engineers, and implemented 24-hour response to customer service requirements, providing a strong guarantee for the stable operation of products.

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