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Newknow-how 2017 new layout
Data:2017-03-01    Hits:1842
In this paper As the pioneer of the domestic helium detector technology and all kinds of industrial products helium detector systems integrators, we applied for gree, midea, haier, AUX, TCL and other refrigeration and air conditio...
Is not hard to prevent battery leakage Do you know about helium detector technology?
Data:2016-07-29    Hits:2019
Evaporation will appear for lithium battery electrolyte leakage, moisture infiltration, bloating, and many other issues, leading to lithium battery performance and even the fire explosion. Maybe in the impression of a lot of peopl...
Newknow-how:: three core technology to build high-end industrial equipment
Data:2016-01-17    Hits:1652
【 article/high lithium electricity Wei Wenzhu 】 sponsored by the high lithium electricity "2015 annual meeting of high lithium electricity and electric vehicles" will be on January 7, 2016-9 fifth floor plum hall was held in she...




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