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2018-01-22 17:26

Xinyu, Switzerland and other six lithium-ion equipment companies get the annual innovation product / technology award

To measure the value of reputation, take the initiative to take the initiative to win the market with quality. Over the years, the Golden Globe Awards as industrial innovation and brand influence the benchmark, with the Lithium sector "Oscar" said.

On the evening of January 10, the 2017 Lithium-ion & Electric Car Golden Ball Award Ceremony was held at Mission Hills Resort in Dongguan. The scene from the material, equipment, batteries, BMS, PACK, electrical and electronic control, vehicle, operating leasing The entire new energy automotive industry chain over 800 elite witnessed this year's bright festival.

Annual Innovation Products / Technology Equipment category awards a total of 6 equipment companies won the award. Among them, in the front section of the equipment, Xinyu won the Golden Globe Award, Dacheng precision, crystal Jingzhi won the Crystal Ball Award; in the latter part of the equipment, Ruineng shares won the Golden Globe, Dongguan Bell, New Dragon won the Crystal Ball.

The company is located in:

▲ Annual Innovative Products / Technology Preceding Equipment Awards Ceremony

▲ Annual Innovative Products / Technology Back-end Equipment Awards Ceremony

Xinyu Smart: Xinyu Smart performed well in 2017, continuing to increase technology research and development, launched the laser die-cutting machine, cutting slitting machine, die-cutting lamination machine 3 new products, as of October 2017 new Product sales accounted for more than 20% of the company's total sales.

As a key equipment developed by Xinyu Smart 2017 in 2017, the key technical parameters of laser die-cutting machine have reached the leading level in the industry. For example, the equipment with the cutting speed of 60m / min has been mass-produced and the equipment prototype with the speed of 100m / min Manufacturing stage; in the customer are most concerned about the melt beads, but also a breakthrough in development, the company has two patents pending, the laser cutting complete realization of "0" beads in the pole piece appearance.

Dacheng precision: independent innovation has always been the culmination of precision for the core competitiveness. In April 2017, Dacheng Precision brand new innovative product - Lithium battery coating thickness of surface density measurement machine.

The product will Dacheng sophisticated independent research and development of "sub-micron high-precision thickness measurement technology", "XRay / βRay high-precision surface density measurement technology," the two core technologies into one. And for the lithium battery coating process characteristics, pioneering a "micro-patch density measurement technology", breaking the coating edge, thin can not be measured online status, making the coating surface density measurement no dead ends.

Kejing Zhida: Companies continue to emphasize high-quality, high-frequency product updates, in recent years, closely follow the cutting-edge scientific research, for a new generation beyond the battery, perovskite solar cells, thin film batteries, lithium sulfur, liquid flow, solid state Research area preparation of about 150 kinds of products.

In 2017, Kejing Zhida launched a full set of small and medium-sized trials and high-throughput studies on the industrialization of research results on lithium batteries. Among them, the cost performance of thin film coatings has surpassed that of Japan / Germany and the technical level is basically in line with the international standards. Better than imported equipment.

Rui can shares: in product development, Rui shares to its own technology research and development center, established a "self-developed + customer-oriented" research and development model.

Take the RCDS power feedback type battery charge and discharge detection system as an example, its innovation lies in the use of advanced three-level topology, DSP digital control mode, advanced design to provide fast current response speed, for real-time traffic battery simulation, you can Achieve milli-second current output, a variety of test steps are free to mix for battery manufacturers, electric car manufacturers to provide advanced battery performance test program.

Dongguan Bell: Company to advanced processing equipment, superb manufacturing process, strict management system, strong technical strength and good after-sales service to meet the different needs of our customers.

In the annual innovative products, Bell products for the assessment of the battery pack pinch penetration testing machine, the device used for battery pack squeeze test, the squeeze pressure reached 200KN or squeeze the amount of deformation to achieve the direction of extrusion of the overall size of 30 %, The battery pack or system requires no fire, no explosion and so on. Lithium battery pack manufacturers, electric car manufacturers, scientific research testing units of choice.

New Dragon Hao: Xinlonghao developed battery automatic vacuum helium leak detection equipment and no oil-dry helium recovery system to improve the original helium inspection may be the existence of the product after the bulge, greatly improving product consistency , While the compatibility is relatively strong, the latter part of the process of loading and unloading convenience and convenience.

At the same time, the device can also greatly reduce the cost of using helium battery business, each line can save nearly 200,000 or so. In addition, the device is also equipped with a standard leak, which greatly facilitates the production of the calibration of the accuracy of the device during use, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the device to ensure product controllability.

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